Who We Are

Vidalux was founded by doctors after seeing the true promise and impact of treating patients with plant-derived holistic medicine. Inspired by these results, they decided to start their own holistic wellness brand, thus Vidalux was born. We keep the highest standards in our practices by using only organically sun-grown hemp, as well as being GMP certified.

Our pursuit for destigmatizing hemp and shedding light on all of its remedial benefits is deeply rooted in our knowledge of the healing prowess of nature. We believe that plants work smarter. Our products embody everything we think plant-powered therapy should be. The difference is in our DNA, made from only broad-spectrum, plant compounds, we combine next-generation solutions with centuries-old wisdom of traditional plant remedies.

Our commitment lies in delivering a pure product line that helps you be your best self. Whether you’re in the market for high-quality botanical products or simply looking for a trusted resource for all things hemp education, we’ve got your back. With a mission that is completely people-driven, we strive to create products that will provide optimal results for you to sit back, relax and live life optimally.

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store.

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